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Wave Action retro continues. The start of a new beginning?

Where can I get my new Wave Action surfboard? Well, you need to start here by learning about the 80’s and our history. You have probably seen some of it before but not in this context. This editorial is a photo essay about 35 years of search of the Wave Action gene. Its astonishing how much enthusiasm and stoke can create. And this is what keeps us to go on and on and on and………. Don’t you miss the 1985 film Vågspel (“Waveplay”).

Ok; Will there be a new Wave Action surfboard at sale in shop near you?’ll never know.

Photos by Wave Action if not stated otherwise.

35 years of surfboard design

Another historic presentation from 1981 up to just recently.

[img src=]5820A new kind of Wave Action board design? Photo Micke Linder.
[img src=]2661Then and now
[img src=]2380Where it all Tylösand 1981!
[img src=]2360The first lineup of Mistral remakes. Fantasy has no boundaires.
[img src=]2190Fixed footstrap setup
[img src=]2410The inspiration. Cino Magallanes at T&C shop at Pearl City, Ohau. Cino is still shaping surfboards for locals and top surfers at North Shore.
[img src=]2070...and the follower at our own shop, The Pigsty! Kjetil managed to shape around 250 boards in 10 years. Thats nothing compared to industrial shapers with about 1000/year.
[img src=]2130Our first lineup of Clark Foam boards in 1983 before we created our logo
[img src=]2160"Built in Bohuslän Sweden"-theme. This is the first one with our new logo in a shooting also for O´Neill wetsuits. Wave Action served as agents for O'Neill in Sweden during a very short period. We also had connections with Stüssy, Quiksilver and the rest of the brands. That could have developed into something.......
[img src=]2170We experimented a lot with channels...but honestly! Note the California Fin System sidefins, another cooperation we had with surf industry in California, but you won't find them anymore.
[img src=]2090Christer with his first Wave produced board Apelviken 1984. Photo by Claes Axstål.
[img src=]2000And Kjetil with his first one.
[img src=]1940The 1985 "team riders" of Wave
[img src=]2110Interior from the glassing room at the Pigsty
[img src=]2110Mats proudly presents......
[img src=]2370One of the final productions..and Yes! We did also produce a few asymmetrical designs.
[img src=]2190Christer pose
[img src=]2250Tollenäs tribe of Wave teamriders
[img src=]2060Niklas "Donald" Donaldson trying out his 2015-line of Wave Action.
[img src=]2000Mats power jibe on a trip to Kailua, Oahu in 1986
[img src=]2030Mats pose of 1989
[img src=]2000Donald cutting edge Wave Action remake of 2015
[img src=]1870Micke Lygner rolling with his first Wave Action board. The board was the shortest one we made, only about 235, but narrow.
[img src=]1870Christer at Sprecks, Maui 1988
[img src=]1810Donald again, only a week ago on the 2016 Wave Action remake line.
[img src=]2570I picture Claes Axstål shot at Tylösand in 1984. It later appeared in an ad for SurfSport Magazine.
[img src=]1990Christers favorite surfspot of the 90`s; South Point of Barbados.
[img src=]1830We did a pioneer search trip with no expectations what so ever and found this; Another fantastic spot; Flystripa at Jären, Norway in 1989.
[img src=]1810Donald on high altitude, Abay 2015
[img src=]1710Bottom turn Abay 2015
[img src=]1820Donald forwarding Abay 2015
[img src=]1620Christer jump cruising with football fin and all, Abay 1985
[img src=]1680Fredrik proudly presents 1986 design line.
[img src=]1840Donald at bottom turn Lejet 2015
[img src=]1680Donald backie Lejet april 2016
[img src=]1730Mats´son, John free boarding on a special made Wave Action summer of 2014
[img src=]1700GoPro selfie of John free boarding.
[img src=]1730Fredrik Holmgren 1986
[img src=]1910The 1989 design line of Wave Action surfboards. Shaved ice!
[img src=]2070We did actually have a professional team rider. Our Swedish world champion. Tomas Persson. Today owner and designer of Simmer Sails.
[img src=]1800Mats at Pozo in November 1984 on a "design" trip we made.
[img src=]1640Backward at Lejet in 2016
[img src=]1750At the end we also did a few surfboards as this minitanker. This one was stolen a couple of years ago. Shame on you!
[img src=]1710Christer outside Playa Ingles, Gran Canaria 1984
[img src=]1570Mats jump jibing. Hot!
[img src=]1580Donald forward
[img src=]1570Donald, late summer cutback september 2015
[img src=]1820Christer showing the artifacts from the 80's
[img src=]1920Christer proudly presents........april 2016. Photo by Micke Linder
[img src=]1770Is this the beginning of the future? Photo by Micke Linder.
[img src=]1610Donald, star rider of Wave Action 2016....and more will come
[img src=]1680Donald by Micke Linder april 2016