Finally some expected wind

20 of October it finally happened, the wind came timely and the Wave Classic and PS events went on. Wave Classic is actually the oldest wave sailing competition still existing.

We managed to capture some of the action in both A-bay and Rocky point. Behind the camera was CH, junior Jeppe and M Linder. Enjoy some of Sweden’s, or in fact Sweden’s best wave sailors of today; Marcus Rydberg, Gustav Häggström, Markus Bohman, Niklas Donaldson, Ola Helenius and of course Rocky Point´s Homeboy Micke Lygner himself in a beautiful set of pics. More on Wave Classic in a special follow up later.

Finally some wind

Last weekend of October 2014 showed some wind

[img src=]941.....Marcus "Mac" Rydberg and autumn feelings in A-bay
[img src=]660....and again.
[img src=]1531Who´s hiding behind the spray....
[img src=]720Backward pressure by Mac
[img src=]630Mast view of Mac's
[img src=]520Mac on a bottomturn.....
[img src=]510......and the cutback.
[img src=]641Mackan "BigMac" Boman pressing another backward around
[img src=]560Mac playing in A-bay
[img src=]500Li'l Mac
[img src=]531M Lygner. Photo by Mikael Linder
[img src=]500
[img src=]601Lygner "the Drone" hovering for a better view
[img src=]501Thomas Svensson in a bottomturn at RockyPoint. Photo M Linder
[img src=]521Slideshow by Thomas Svensson
[img src=]520Ola Helenius digging deep
[img src=]530Donald below the camera this time
[img src=]480Unknown in forward
[img src=]551The winner of WaveClassic 2014 Markus "BigMac" Boman.
[img src=]550Andreas, A-bay
[img src=]430Johan "Hell Man" Hellman
[img src=]430Kjell Sahlen giving some dignity to the A-Bay scene.
[img src=]521Lygner in forward at Rocky Point
[img src=]511Micke Lygner in a beautiful set up. Photo by M Linder
[img src=]562Can´t get enough of this. Photo M Linder
[img src=]500Happy and content Mac?