King of Aloha Classic


I would claim that Robby Naish is the all time King of Ho’okipa, Maui!

Who´s going to be King of this year at Nove Nove Maui Aloha Classic 2015 is not yet settled. But in a week or so, we will know if Morgan Noireaux, winner of 2014 and also from Hawaii, will defend the title. Morgan won the single elimination day 2 yesterday, so he has proven to be in good shape.

Will Robby succeed better than last year’s 16:th? Didn´t Robby complain about “too small surf” then? Well, the Hawaiians has nothing to complain about this year, with Pacific surf pumping heavier than ever been seen before during the Aloha Classics. And Robby has definitely done more than OK so far, with a 5:th place from the singles. I´m sorry Mr Naish, but we wouldn’t expect less than that! Your age is not an issue here!

Being one of the few, “living with” Robby for about 30 years now, we have managed to collect a lot of material about him. Most of it is from the early 80’s/90’s. Here’s a film clip and picture cavalcade stretching from Kailua Beach, Tylösand Sweden(!), Diamond Head, Sylt Germany, La Torche France, hurricane Iwa on Waikiki and Aloha Classic. Enjoy!

King of Aloha Classic

Robby Naish 80s cavalcade

[img src=]4590robby-naish-and-mike-waltze-windsurfer-worlds-bahamas-1980
[img src=]2290robby-naish-1980
[img src=]2060naish-custom-1980-bahamas
[img src=]2060robby-in-tyloesand-sweden-1981
[img src=]2190robbys-gun-hurricane-iwa-oahu-1982
[img src=]2310robby-naish-waikiki-hurricane-iwa-82
[img src=]1940robby-waikiki-diamond-head-in-the-background
[img src=]2070robby-la-torche-world-cup-1984
[img src=]1990mistral-team-83-rick-naish-charley-messner-pete-cabrinha
[img src=]1960robby-world-cup-sylt-1984
[img src=]1950robby-hookipa-88
[img src=]1920robby-naish-hookipa-1988
[img src=]1820naish-one-foot-backie-hookipa-88
[img src=]1931robbys-trade-mark-table-top-88
[img src=]1630robby-88
[img src=]1710robby-89
[img src=]1810robby-table-top-89
[img src=]1700forward-89
[img src=]1850robby-91
[img src=]1830robby-hawaiian-wave-sailing-championships-91
[img src=]1920robby-and-rush-r-91
[img src=]1720robby-1991
[img src=]1600robby-table-top-91
[img src=]1650naish-hookipa-1991
[img src=]1570robby-naish the icon!
[img src=]1560NoveNove Aloha Classic 2015
[img src=]1530NoveNove Aloha Classic 2015
[img src=]1550NoveNove Aloha Classic 2015