Egon –just another storm in 2015?

First came Svea, and then we had Egon creating a busy first two weeks of 2015. There are no complaints of that…..Or is it? We believe there has been a significant change and a switch of the Swedish surf season. It could be the first obvious signs of the Global warming issue but it also is a change in “everyones” mindset about our definition of “surf season”. Again;  Thank You Neoprene! Imagine spending 2+ hours in 5°C and not giving the temperature a second of a thought (……well). Together with co-photographer Mikael Linder we spent the weekend from the viewers side behind our cameras and we think you will enjoy what you see. From Lejet close to Varberg, to the “secret spots” of Skåne county.

Next post will cover more of Skåne surfing, Stay tuned!

Egon 10-11 January 2015

[img src=]5973Stormswell hit the pier in Lejet Fishingharbour Varberg
[img src=]2801The storm Egon on its way 10th January
[img src=]2310Session start with Mac and Gurra
[img src=]2420Markus "Mac" Rydberg established PWA competitor
[img src=]2080Gustav "Gurra" Häggström, another PWA competitor
[img src=]2250The swell is building up
[img src=]2221Even good for some stormswell surfing
[img src=]2200Egon The Storm, hits
[img src=]2030The normally dry rigging area got flooded
[img src=]2140Mac and Simmer Team manager Kai Katchadourian viewing epic conditions
[img src=]1930Mac Rydberg going in
[img src=]2171Massive waves and gusts of over 25 m/s
[img src=]2131Backward from Markus with an altitude
[img src=]2090Kai K hovering
[img src=]2340A Katchadourian backie
[img src=]2090Macs delayed forward looking down on Patrik Johansson
[img src=]1950Another ascended backward from Mac
[img src=]1780Gustav Häggström cutting back
[img src=]1750Patrik Johansson air 2
[img src=]1730A delayed forward
[img src=]1710Mac pushing it
[img src=]1720Same move, different view
[img src=]1680Kai K going up
[img src=]1550Mac's forward
[img src=]1590David Holmqvist, covers the action for Kulingvarning
[img src=]1520Fredrik Johnsen, Blogfather of Kulingvarning. We love the logo of Wave in the sail.
[img src=]1540Mac's Goiter
[img src=]1480Gurra going for air
[img src=]1380Gustav Häggström
[img src=]1360Patrik "Putte" Johansson from Surfers shop in Varberg
[img src=]1451Massiv jumps by Mac
[img src=]1391Katchadourian jibe talking
[img src=]1440Kai and Mac
[img src=]1370Mac Taking off
[img src=]1450A Macie backie....
[img src=]1420.....perfectly landed
[img src=]1380Our Wave homeboy Martin "Aggro" Löverdal on a backward
[img src=]1490One of Macie's one foot backs
[img src=]1471I am tired now
[img src=]1630End of session for Gurra
[img src=]1680Donald looking happy in search for a smaller sail than 4.0
[img src=]2020Moving south to Skåne the very same day and a looking down at the line up (on a not so"secret spot" anymore)
[img src=]2703One of the best days ever for the the Southern Storm Swell Surfers
The moves have radically improved during the last years. The Swedish harsh conditions for surfing is a potent factor in that change.
[img src=]2000Dalen, The perfect point break....
...for portside surfers. I prefer the other starboard side of the peninsula
[img src=]1850The guys had been surfing since early morning in 5 degrees Celsius, water and air.
[img src=]1560The second storm of 2015 passed away. and Thanks Egon!