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Wave Action Chronicle of 2015!

Wave Action and co-photographer Micke Linder from Into Fire&Water wishes u all surfdudes and other followers a Happy New 2016!

But first we need to look back; Take your time, upload the pictures through AppleTV or Google Chrome, relax and start to rembember and contemplate if this was  one of the best years ever in your surf career.

It certainly started at the very first day with Svea, and then we had Egon…and later on they kept coming, the rest of the siblings of the 2015 storm family. It was the year when lousy wetsuits no longer stopped us from going into the water regardless of the conditions.

We remember the Nove Nove Aloha Classic at Ho’okipa Maui, exploding in conditions almost never been seen before, with impressive participation of our two talents from Varberg; Gustav Häggström and Markus Rydberg.

And there where the rest of us, travelling to (not-so-secret-any-more) spots just doing what we love to do; spending hours in the water in “worst” conditions as possible. If global warming is here to stay you can all be certain of, that this is just the awakening of the force…….


2015 year chronicle

[img src=]2891The 2015 hottest shots
[img src=]1680Christmas Day 2015
[img src=]1581Markus Rydberg wipeout during storm "Svea", January 2
[img src=]1630
Surfable waves in Lejet 10 January (storm Egon).
[img src=]1500Pushloop by Markus Rydberg 11 January, during the storm Egon
[img src=]1590Kai Katchadourian on visit in chilly Lejet in January
[img src=]1320Forward with an altitude, by Markus Rydberg
[img src=]1240End of day, Gustav Häggström
[img src=]1230Spring session and a push loop by Markus Rydberg
[img src=]1190Gustav "S7" Häggström, Lejet
[img src=]1100Another local, Hellman in a backie
[img src=]1160Tweakmaster Donald in a Flying eagle
[img src=]1170Gustav Häggström spring Lejet
[img src=]1140One of Rydberg many perfect backies
[img src=]1100Hellman in a forward
[img src=]1180SUP summer session in Lejet
[img src=]1140One of many surfer girlies, Maja, washing her feet.
[img src=]1110Markus Bohman, owner of Surfers shop in Varberg. This from Lejet
[img src=]1070Stefan Mayer
[img src=]1050Another of Markus Bohman, Lejet
[img src=]1060Per Walin comeback, Lejet
[img src=]1020Markus Bohman
[img src=]1020Kite from A-bay
[img src=]1000Chris doing a one hand spock, summer in A-bay (Apelviken)
[img src=]1120Markus Bohman A-Bay
[img src=]1050Donald, side shore A-bay late august
[img src=]970Another from Donald in late August, A-bay
[img src=]1030Backward from Donald
[img src=]1060Sunset from Hoddevik on the Westcoast of Norway. A special Hoddevik will be released later on.
[img src=]1010F193 Martin in PWA Cold Hawaii, Klitmöller
[img src=]1010Markus Rydberg, PWA Klitmöller
[img src=]1001Gustav Häggström PWA Klitmöller
[img src=]950Kenneth Danielsen, PWA Klitmöller
[img src=]970Fernandez during Klitmöller
[img src=]900Campello and a one-foot-backie
[img src=]850Philip Köster, winner of PWA 2015, here doing a wave 360 during Cold Water Hawaii at Klitmöller
[img src=]920Gustav Häggström freeriding at Hanstholm during PWA Klitmöller
[img src=]920Köster on a delayed forward
[img src=]910Gustav Häggström October
[img src=]960East coast 7 October
[img src=]941Niklas "Donald" Donaldsson 7 October A-bay.
[img src=]920Markus Rydberg going backward A-bay.
[img src=]860Per Wallin, Lejet
[img src=]930Viktor Fernandez durin NoveNove Aloha Classic
[img src=]890Marcilio Browne, Aloha Classic
[img src=]810Kai Katchadourian, Nove Nove Aloha Classic 2015
[img src=]822The King, Robby Naish, NoveNOve Aloha Classic 2015
[img src=]861Ricardo Campello, NoveNOve Aloha Classic 2015
[img src=]750Morgan Noireaux, second time winner of NoveNove Aloha Classic 2015
[img src=]892Local Micke Lygner howering in late autumn light over A-bay, November
[img src=]920Nice longboard spot Southern Westcoast of Sweden late November
[img src=]980Shaper and board designer for Simmer, Ola Helenius at his "home" spot Åsa, November
[img src=]870Micke Lygner, defenitely a local at Åsa last weekend of November
[img src=]860Ola Helenius at åsa
[img src=]820Micke Lygner at Åsa
[img src=]900Ulrik during a trip to Bornholm, an island between Southcoast of Sweden and Poland.